Nanjing Longtan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Longtan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is situated in Longtan Street Committee, Qixia District, in the eastern suburb of Nanjing. With Shanghai-Nanjing Railway and 312 State Road in the south, Longtan Harbour District in the north, it is easy of access. 
The company was founded in 1985, and it covers more than 8,000 sq. m. The company mainly specializes in producing “Xinwo” high-efficient skin penetrants— laurocapram and thiazone products, standard sample grade laurocapram, cosmetic grade laurocapram, pharmaceutical grade laurocapram, pesticide grade laurocapram, dyeing and printing grade laurocapram, water soluble laurocapram, laurocapram powder, thiazone , agricultural organosilicone, 1-Bromobutane, 1-Bromododecane, 2,5-Dimethyl-2,5-di(tert-butylperoxy)hexane, organosilicon waterproofing agent, etc. The annual output of laurocapram is above 500 tons. In product quality, output and sales, the company is among the best in the industry. Our products are sold well throughout the country as well as in foreign markets, and they are highly praised by the customers.

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